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MicroScribe 3-D Digitizers, HDI and KARBON 3-D Scanners

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The Fastest Way to Create in 3-D!

                   Portable CMM:  MicroScribe 3-D Digitizers and HDI Scanners

MicroScribe provides a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use method for creating accurate 3D computer models. Just trace over the contours of a physical object and build complex 3D data sets in a matter of minutes.  MicroScribe works with physical objects of any shape, size, and material.  A wide variety of software packages provide the solutions you need to get up and running in no time -- for reverse engineering, parts inspection, 3-D modeling, graphic design, rapid prototyping, and much more .

The award-winning MicroScribe features ultra-precison mechanical tracking technology and a unique, attractive mechanical arm that's compact and easy to use.  Constructed from the highest quality components like precise aluminum housings, lightweight graphite links and state-of-the-art electronics, MicroScribe provides years of trouble-free digitizing. The counterbalanced mechanical arm is equipped with precision bearings for smooth, effortless manipulation.  Each joint uses digital optical sensors, which are immune from any environmental noise and interference. It all makes for a versatile system that can work in almost any environment and be used with objects of any material.

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MicroScribe 3 D Digitizers 

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