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MicroScribe G2X with Excel

Spatial measurement:

  • MicroScribe G2 is a computer tool for a designer or engineer to measure the location of points in three-dimensional space or on the surface of an object. It is a precision mechanical arm based on optical encoders at each of five joints, embedded processor, foot switch, USB (or serial) connection to the users computer and a software application interface - MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) . Using the hand-held probe and foot switch the user selects a point or sketches a curve (a set of points). Calculated digitized XYZ coordinates are directly inserted into a selected function in the users active Windows software design, analysis or control application.

  • MicroScribe G2 is compatible with
    ... Rhino
    ... AutoCAD
    ... DesignCAD
    ... BobCAD-CAM
    ... CADKEY
    ... ProEngineer
    ... SolidWorks
    ... Mastercam
    ... Excel
    ... Notepad

    all software application functions accepting keyboard entry.


  • at rear of base
    connect USB (or serial) cable from host
    power is provided by USB - red light (or power supply to +5V DC)
    connect dual pedal foot switch to accessory
    place probe tip in home position (in holder)
    push home button to calibrate, test and connect digitizer - green light (normal)

  • open MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS)
    review welcome window or click OK to display digitizing window
    move probe tip around, notice display of XYZ coordinates

  • select format strings button
    select Excel format %.4f\t%.4f\t%.4f\n

  • select configuration button
    select standard (inches)
    use comma as decimal (un-checked)
    beep on plot (checked)
    use scaling factor (un-checked)
    use custom tip delta (un-checked)

  • select reference frame button select custom to define a user coordinate system
    mark origin, X-axis, Y-axis on desktop (a drafting square is helpful)
    digitize origin (right foot pedal switch)
    digitize point on X-axis
    digitize point on Y-axis
    Z-axis is calculated at origin perpendicular to XY plane

  • open Excel worksheet to calculate the distance between two points
    place cursor in cell A3
    digitize a point
    digitize a second point cell A4
    distance between points calculated in cell D4
    a set of five measurements may be made in the table
    standard & average deviations, average value of the set displayed in cells D13, D14 D15

  • define format string for design application not listed
    determine format string to enter XYZ point from keyboard in a function (perhaps 3D points)
    try %.4f,%.4f,%.4f\n ... or ... %.2f\t%.2f\t%.2f\n
    \n (new line) may not be necessary
    AutoCAD format is %.4f,%.4f,%.4f\n
    add format to list and select format

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