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Graphic Arts:

Face Model
by Louis J. Silverstein

"The digitized face shown in this section was completed in about 4 hours, from a plaster cast of my face. The MicroScribe's integration with Rhinoceros v1.x - v2.x allowed for a smooth workflow. Having never used the MicroScribe before, I found it extremely easy to work with, and was able to produced fast results.

To create the face, all I had to do was simply digitize some control lines I drew on the plaster model. These control lines allowed for a simple "surface from curve network" command in Rhino and I had a digital model that was very similar to the original plaster model. The MicroScribe also allowed for quick restoration of some of the flaws in the plaster model. The nose on the plaster cast was very distorted and flat, like it had been broken off close to the tip. The MicroScribe allowed for a simple tracing of a little bit of air, where the rest of the nose would have been.

Once the digital model was finished it was so accurate that I was able to take a picture of my face and layer it on top of the model for a texture. The model's proportions and shape were so close to reality, that it didn't require any adjustment of the texture to make it fit the model snugly. Once the model was finished in Rhino, it was touched up in SoftImage|3D v3.9.2. Softimage was used for adding a little more detail, and to set up the model for rendering. Once it was finished being setup in Softimage, it was imported into 3D Studio Max v4.3 for rendering with the Brazil Rendering System.

Now for the final touch, this project was created by a 15-year-old high school student who is self taught, and had never used any tool like the MicroScribe before. If I can do it anyone can use this highly productive modeling tool."

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