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HDI "120" 3D Structured-Light Scanner

Compact 3D scanning solution for OEM or factory automation applications

The HDI 120 3D Scanner is the smallest advanced 3D scanning system using blue LED projection technology. Designed for demanding industry applications that depend on accurate and repeatable scanning results, the HDI 120 is useful for reverse engineering, 3D inspection measurement and visualization. With a solid aluminum body that is dust proof and water resistant (IP67 rated), this scanner is pre-calibrated to produce repeatable 3D scanning results while operating in harsh environments.

With the HDI 120, it is easy to integrate or embed 3D scanning capabilities to your systems or devices. The scanning technology includes simple to use SDKs and connectivity options that give you complete control.

High Performance 3D Scanning System

The HDI 120 3D scanner delivers ultra fast scan speed of 0.3 seconds per scan with high quality results.

Up to 985,000 points
(1.97 million polygons)

� Affordability�A complete solution, including scanner and software.
� Versatility�uniquely able to scan large, medium and small sized objects.
� Phone tech support with live operators�not email-only like other vendors.
� Additional on-line training available.
� Measurements that are accurate and repeat reliably.
� Portable, easy to use.
� Dependable under industrial field conditions.

Video Demonstration 

Please contact us for a detailed, personalized, on-line demonstration.  You can even send us a sample part and we'll scan it while you watch!  

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