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MicroScribe Utility Software

3-D Graphics and CAD/CAM Solutions

MicroScribe Utility Software is a companion program for Immersion MicroScribe Desktop Digitizing Systems. It allows the MicroScribe to be used for 2D or 3D data acquisition within programs that do not provide native support for this.

This stand-alone application runs simultaneously with other Windows programs. Instead of manually typing in point data, use MicroScribe Utility Software to record XYZ coordinates from the MicroScribe by emulating keyboard input. Compatible Windows (98, NT, 2000, ME and XP) programs can then capture these emulated keystrokes where 3D point data is entered.

MicroScribe Utility Software supports:

AutoCAD Mechanical
Mechanical Desktop
Studio Tools

And many others...

MicroScribe Utility Software offers many features including:

  • The ability to author custom format strings and save them
  • A custom reference feature allows users to define the origin and direction of the X and Y-axes within the physical workspace
  • Scan Planes allow data collection on planes that 'slice' through objects
  • An Auto Scan feature allows users to capture data at defined intervals of time or distance
  • Ability to store up to four custom tip profiles per device at any one time
  • Compatible with both MicroScribe 3D, G2, and MX products

If your application supports command line or dialog entry of 3D coordinates, this utility might already work or can be easily made to work with your application. If you would like your application to be supported by MicroScribe Utility Software, please contact us. MicroScribe Utility Software offers a way of interfacing your application to the MicroScribe with little or no change to your application.

Additional software required:

A Windows-based modeling program that accepts X,Y,Z coordinates as text entered through the keyboard, or applications that accepts numerical values via keyboard entry such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Notepad, etc.

Manufacturer: Immersion Corporation

This is a proprietary software product of Immersion Corporation, which must be licensed under a software license agreement. For pricing and availability, please contact your reseller.

Platforms: Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP

Supported file formats: Not Applicable. Data is created natively in Windows applications

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