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Simple, fast, and accurate 3D scanning solutions.


Sensor interface USB 3 or FireWire 800
Computer requirements

Windows 7/8 64 bit, Quad-core
Intel 2 GHz or better, 1x PCI Express or 2x USB plugs, 4 GB
memory or greater, 512 MB video card, 500 GB free disk space or more

Compact, Powerful and Automatic

3D Macro Scanner, ideal for capturing small parts such as: Precision-machined parts, mouldings, archaeological artefacts, jewellery/Coin.

  • Configured for demanding industry applications, the scanner captures millions of measurements with minimal user interaction.
  • Easy to Transport and Setup
  • Start scanning projects within minutes. The enclosed system is portable for easy travel and on site work.
  • USB 3.0 high speed connection or FireWire 800

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