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Kreon "Skiron" 3D Laser Scanner


"MicroScribe 3D Laser" Price List

3D Laser Scanning:  Generate point clouds in minutes!

The new laser scanner from Kreon for six degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) MicroScribe digitizers and portable CMMs sets a new price/performance point, supplying a fast, non-contact laser scanning solution for 3D applications including:

  • 3D graphics for artistic presentation, animation, education, and training.

  • Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping for industrial design and production.

  • Industrial inspection and quality control.

  • Physical analysis for product development, materials evaluation, research, and development.

For a fraction the cost of comparable 3D laser scanners, MicroScribe digitizers and portable CMMs with the Kreon 3D laser system quickly collects point-cloud data of 3D objects. Where conventional point-and-click digitizing or measurement may take hours or days, laser scanning can produce the same or higher resolution data in minutes. Software transforms point cloud data into polygon data stored in industry-standard file formats. Polygons are sufficient for many applications including rendering and visualization, rapid prototyping, and physical analysis.

With a vertical resolution of .0006 / 16um, the Kreon Skiron 3D laser scanner can capture objects with a high level of detail. Because the point cloud contains an equal distribution of points lying above and below the ideal surface, the quality of the final surface is determined by the post-processing software and the statistics of the measurement process rather than the tolerance of the laser scanner or the accuracy of the 3D digitizer or portable CMM. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to align the scanned profiles, which themselves have a higher accuracy than the traditional MicroScribe system using a touch probe. As a result, overall system accuracy and resolution equals or exceeds that of the MicroScribe touch probe system.

Price List for MicroScribe 3D Laser "Bundle"

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