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Microscribe G2X Pricing

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MicroScribe G2X is an accurate, affordable 3D digitizing system. A favorite of animators, engineers and designers, MicroScribe products capture the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translate them into complete 3D models.

MicroScribe MX Pricing

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MicroScribe MX portable CMMs offer metrology level accuracy, an easy-to-use articulated arm design, and seamless integration with the most popular reverse engineering and metrology software packages.

MicroScribe "I" Pricing

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The new MicroScribe "I" 3D digitizer MicroScribe digitizers and portable CMMs sets a new price/performance point, supplying a fast, touch-probe digitizing solution for 3D applications.

3D Systems, 3D Printers:   Projet 1200 and CubePro

ProJet 1200     $ 4,900.00                          CubePro     $ 2,799.00


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