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Mobile Metrology for PC's or Apple iPhone / iPad:   $ 1,995.00*

* when purchased with MicroScribe Digitizer.  $ 2,695.00 stand-alone.

           MobiGage                                 MobiGage Startup

                  "MobiGage" on an Apple iTouch                     Screen Display on an Apple iPhone                               

MobiGage is a uniquely integrated metrology system for MicroScribe® digitizers.   MobiGage is a metrology application used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies.

MobiGage creates, edits, and runs measurement plans and automates inspection processes.

MobiGage is designed as a solution for gage replacement, but also accepts direct input from hand-held calipers and micrometers.

MobiGage’s reporting follows manufacturing industry standards -- Modifiable HTML, Tabular, AS9102, etc.

MobiGage measurement methodology follows manufacturing industry standards -- NIST & PTB fitting algorithms, GD&T, RPS alignments, etc.

FLEXIBLE -- Connect to any device and switch between devices wirelessly or on the 3G phone network.

DISTRIBUTED -- Multiple, simultaneous connections to the same device are always available.

Installed on a PC, laptop or Apple® iPhone or iPad, MobiGage uses wireless communication to manage data collection from one or more MicroScribes linked to a MobiBox Silver interface. 

This is the ultimate tool for portable measurement and sets the state of the art in  mobile metrology. With MobiGage you can easily and quickly capture a full range of part measurements or create, edit and run repeatable measurement plans complete with reporting. 


· Design and Engineering   ·  First Article Inspection   ·   Part Inspection

· Production Inspection   ·   Assembly, Tool Building and Setting Details   
·   Quality Control   ·   Process Control

Product Highlights:

  • Runs on PC's, laptops and Apple iPhone or iPad. 
  • Wireless communication with your MicroScribe digitizer via MobiBox Silver.
  • Step-by-step inspection plan creation with a full range of alignment and feature options.
  • National Institute of Standards (NIST) and Physical Tecknische Bundes (PTB) standards for data fitting algorithms.
  • ANSI standards for geometric dimensions and tolerancing (GD&T).
  • Commercial standards from aerospace and automotive industries for alignments of measurement devices including 3-point, best-fit and reference positioning system (RPS)
  • Industry standards for reporting using Modifiable HTML, Tabular, AS9102.
  • Light weight, portable, untethered system using robust, proven technologies.

Product Specifications:


  • PC, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad required.
  • Industry standard measurements: NIST & PTB fitting, GD&T, RPS alignments.
  • Industry standard reporting: NIST & PTB fitting, GD&T, RPS alignments.
  • Connects to MicroScribe digitizers via MobiBox Silver using a wireless or 3G phone network.
  • Multiple, simultaneous connections to the same device are available.

Video Demonstrations:

Accuracy Testing   ■    Copper Fitting Inspection    ■   Automotive Parts     ■   Human Biometrics

MobiBox Silver: 

  • MobiBox Silver

    802.11g WiFi interface for MicroScribe MX & G2X series digitizers.


  • External 5 volt power supply - capable of running MicroScribe G digitizers directly from the USB port power. 
  • Dimensions: 1.1 x 4.9 x 3.1 inches


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