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Parts Inspection:

Verisurf for MicroScribeŽ Portable CMM Arms

The MicroScribe portable CMM arm and Verisurf inspection software solution supports the industry-leading Mastercam CAD/CAM system. The solution supplies functionality well beyond the competition, with features that are essential for many inspection and reverse engineering projects. Use Verisurf inspection software with MicroScribe portable CMM arm to help improve measurement quality and speed, which leads to improved manufacturing productivity.

The solution includes capabilities to support traditional blueprint part inspection. The model-based definition inspection software automatically imports CAD model specifications including full geometric dimensioning and tolerancing descriptions. Users can quickly validate geometries simply by taking inspection measurements with the MicroScribe portable CMM arm, which are automatically displayed in real time on the computer screen.

These inspection points are tagged in red (out of tolerance) or green (within tolerance). The parts inspection software and portable CMM arm solution also provides automatic feature recognition, which helps ensure that a complete inspection is performed efficiently. After each entity inspected, an inspection report is automatically produced.

Unlike other systems that are dependent on IGES or STEP translations, Verisurf software and MicroScribe portable CMM arm allow you to inspect to native solid models of all the top CAD formats.

Key Inspection Software Features:

  • Communicates with the MicroScribe portable CMM arm
  • Supplies real-time interface displaying portable CMM arm moving inside the CAD system as you measure
  • Measures 2D, 3D, fit point, circle and sphere center, midpoint, and more
  • Measures all basic GD&T blueprint tolerances
  • Automatically imports GD&T data
  • Creates geometry and reports errors in real time while measuring features
  • Supports reverse engineering of primitive geometric features in real time
  • Fits lines, circles, slots, planes, spheres, cylinders, and cones
  • Provides online or offline measurements
  • Creates inspection report of each entity in real time
  • Includes smart measuring tools for automatic feature recognition

Platform: Windows

Click here for "MX" and "VeriSurf" specifications sheet:




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