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"Point2CAD" For SolidWorks

With Point2CAD you can easily create parametric solid models from your physical part.  Using an arm is like using your mouse, but with the added ability to capture data live in 3D.  Define coordinate systems, probe features such as circles, slots and much more to generate the ideal model.  You can even check your work by probing over the part using the SmartCheck function.

Point2CAD is an indispensable software for intuitively reverse engineering physical parts into SolidWorks CAD environment.All you need is a  MicroScribe and SolidWorks to try out Point2CAD. 

The Point2CAD Command Plate frees you from switching between the arm and the keyboard and mouse all the time.

Just print out the Command Plate in any size you want, tape it on a flat surface, and define its place in Point2CAD. Now you can click on the Command Plate buttons as they were real buttons on SolidWorks toolbar.

Video Demonstrations: 

Reverse Engineering a Machined Block

Reverse Engineering a Bracket

Reverse Engineering a Manifold



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