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The Fastest Way to Create in 3-D!

3-D Applications 

"Point2CAD" for SolidWorks

"MobiGage" -- Parts Inspection


 Reverse Engineering          Modeling:  Animation / Games
Parts Inspection                Marine Design
CAD / CAM                Tube Inspection
apid Prototyping
      Graphics Design / Arts

MicroScribe Technology can be used with many common CAD/CAM and 3D Graphic Imaging applications. There are three levels of integration available:

  • Direct Support - No additional software is needed other than the host application

  • Plug-in Support - An additional piece of software provides MicroScribe capability in the host application

  • MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) Support - MUS, free software from Immersion, enables 2D or 3D data from the MicroScribe to be sent to the host application

Please click here to view the level of support available for the CAD/CAM or 3D Imaging applications you use. In some cases, more than one level of support is available.



A MicroScribe portable CMM solution includes capabilities to support traditional blueprint part inspection. Using Verisurf model-based definition software, CAD model specifications, including full geometric dimensioning and tolerancing descriptions, can be automatically imported. You can then quickly validate geometries simply by taking measurements with the MicroScribe portable CMM.


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