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The Fastest Way to Create in 3-D!

  • Direct Support - No additional software is needed other than the host application

  • Plug-in Support - An additional piece of software provides MicroScribe capability in the host application

  • MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) Support - MUS, free software from Immersion, enables 2D or 3D data from the MicroScribe to be sent to the host application

  • Tutorials / Technical Documents:  Users Guides / Testing.

CAD / CAM Software Host Manufacturer Support Plug-in Support PC MAC
Alias Studio Tools Alias MUS   X  
AlphaCAM Licom Direct   X  
Amapi 7 Pro   Direct   X X
AutoCAD Autodesk MUS   X  
AutoCAD Mechanical Autodesk MUS   X  
Autodesk VIZ Autodesk     X  
Key Creator CADKEY MUS   X  
Inventor Autodesk MUS   X  
PowerINSPECT Delcam Direct   X  
PowerSHAPE Delcam Direct   X  
HandyCut PicaSoft Direct   X  
HandyScan PicaSoft Direct   X  
Mayka PicaSoft Direct   X X
Mastercam Mastercam MUS   X  
Mechanical Desktop Autodesk MUS   X  
Metrix Build!IT Maya Metrix Direct   X  
Rhinoceros Robert McNeel & Assoc. Direct   X  
Shoemaster CSM3D International Ltd. Direct   X  
SolidEdge UGS     X  
SolidThinking EVOQE s.r.l Direct   X X
SolidWorks SolidWorks Corp.  


SurfCAM Surfware, INC. Direct   X  
Unigraphics UGS MUS   X  

Tutorials offered for Software with * next to name.

3D Graphics/Imaging Host Manufacturer Support Plug-in Support PC MAC
3ds max Discreet   Scribe-iT X  
Amapi 7 Pro   Direct   X X
Autodesk VIZ Autodesk   Scribe-IT X  
Form.Z auto.des.sys, INC. Direct   X X
HandyScan PicaSoft Direct   X  
Lightwave NewTek   DigiScribe X  
Maya                     * Alias   MicroScribe Connections X X
PiXELS 3D PiXELS Digital, INC. Direct      
Rhinoceros             * Robert McNeel & Ass. Direct   X  
Softimage XSI   MUS   X  
solidThinking EVoQE s.r.l. Direct   X X


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