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TezetCAD Tube Inspection: Fast, Easy, Convenient
Tube manufacturing and related tube bender setup processes require the right inspection tool, software, and expertise. With tubes having very different material characteristics, they present significant challenges for inspection, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Our MicroScribe tube inspection portable CMM with Tezet CAD software addresses these challenges in one integrated low-cost, turnkey solution. 

The TeZetCAD Measurement System supplies a fast and easy way to confirm that tubes have been bent to the correct specification or to automatically generate bend-correction data for tube-benders. Using either a touch probe, laser fork probe, or line laser, the TeZetCAD system is fast, powerful, easy to use, and affordable.

With TeZetCAD you can...

� Measure tubes as small as 1.5 mm 0.059 in) in diameter

� Measure undefined radius and multiradius tubes such as U-bends or spiral coils

� Measure various flange types

� Validate tube-bender setup and significantly reduce total setup time

� Dramatically reduce scrap

� Save time and labor, and learn to use it quickly

� Achieve fast return on investment

� Support both engineering prototyping and production, even without CAD data


Lightweight, portable, and suitable for use in machine shops and on manufacturing floors, MicroScribe portable CMM are constructed of high quality components � solid aluminum housings, lightweight graphite links, and state-of-the-art electronics.  

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